20 “Must know” before you decide to stay

Well! You have been hired after a nice interview. Good! Congratulations!

But… Are you in the right job?

To answer this question, you need to make sure you know the following:

  1. Your direct boss,
  2. Who replaces the boss during her absence,
  3. The key people in the company,
  4. Your colleagues’ personality types,
  5. Their orientation,
  6. What motivates them,
  7. The “outlaw” employees,
  8. The limits of the department,
  9. The needs of the department,
  10. The company compensation policy,
  11. The important customers,
  12. The threatening competitors,
  13. The stakeholders,
  14. How will your position develop,
  15. The next position you can move to,
  16. The highest position you can occupy,
  17. How important your position is in the company,
  18. Who was before you in that position,
  19. Who left the company, and why,
  20. How you can leave without issues.

You absolutely need to see the whole picture of your position with regard to everything and everybody you have professional relationships with.

Knowing that will make you measure your actions and words. Therefore, you will make fewer mistakes, especially those which might make your boss fire you.