10 Things never do at work

When you go to work, you are there to help the company generate more money. When you devote your work time & tools to another job at the expense of the job you are paid for, the results will be one of the following:

  • Your concentration on the job gets weaker, or lost,
  • The energy you should invest in your job is going elsewhere,
  • You violate the law of labor,
  • Another river of stress is coming towards you,
  • Your employer will discover that and might punish you,
  • You are doing something illegal and immoral.

To avoid these consequences, you need to stay away from the activities below:

1- Tutoring & Teaching:

Do not teach your peers anything unrelated to work tasks like:

  • Religious practices,
  • A language,
  • Helping your peers to do some university exercises,
  • Sports,
  • Politics.

You have signed a work contract with a specific job description, so please stick to it.

2- Freelance:                        

Avoid using the work computer in your freelance work. What you do in parallel to your work should be done at home. Even when you connect on your mobile, try to stay away as much as possible from your freelance activities.

3- Online Studies:

Having a strong signal Net with a good PC might make you think of studying something online, when your work schedule is not heavy. When you have nothing to do at work and you lack creativity and sense of helping your busy peers, please do not think of studying at work. The company rents your mind and time to find solutions to its issues, not vice versa.

4- Online Business:

We know you are good at online business. We know you like to work on Etoro and other websites. All youth do.  Yet, you do that you have a PC at home. You know that you are paid to generate money for the company you work in. You know that the work tools are meant to be for work only. So do not use them for personal purposes, because you are breaking the law of labor if you do so.

5- Games:

A lot of games generate money for professional players who need a very strong Internet signal. If you are one, please remember that you are at work to WORK for the company not for yourself. When your boss learns that you are playing games, while he has a big list of priorities and is struggling to make ends meet and safeguard your position and salary, he will not be happy.

6- Online Gambling:

It is another source of online money. Some countries prohibit all sorts of gambling, and if you do it in a company which prohibits it too, you risk losing your job and getting penalized or even jailed. This may harm the company reputation and make it run serious troubles.

7- Writing:

If you have a good style and you write or translate for a magazine or a cabinet, please remember that that  activity is forbidden at work. If you have some free time, you need to create more value for the company and not start using its sources for personal activities. Yet, when your boss knows that you do this in your break, it is OK as long as you do not lose focus on your main tasks.

8- Sales:             

You have joined a jewelry company and you can fill your bag with some of its products to sell your friends and peers. Well! If that is the case, you need to wait until your break or when you are leaving. Also, do not use your company cupboard or shelves to stock your inventory. Keep all your products away from where you work.

9- Network Marketing

You are looking for people to join you to enlarge your marketing network for a product. Good! Please do that in a club or anywhere outside where you work. When your boss knows that you are in his company for another job, it is a sign that you are not a faithful employee. everybody will remark that you are trying to leave. If nobody trusts you later, do not get sad or mad, because you have already told them implicitly “I no longer see myself in this job.”

10- Performing a task for another company

OK! Your friend wants to send an email, but he does not master the language you speak. He needs your help to send an email to a supplier or a customer. He calls you to do that promising he would pay you. Well.. do not do that! Because you are using the company tools for another job.

You can do that in your break, but never from your company PC during your work time.

When you avoid all the above, you will not get distracted and will be more likely to boost your performance and productivity, Focusing on your job makes you a HIPO and keeps you away from breaking the labor law, especially if you are still a trainee.