20 Signs Your Boss Does Not Like You

Wherever you go, you will find enemies, and things get worse when you have some at work. It is there where you need the most sum of peace.

Sometimes things do not go as desired, especially when motivations are not the same. It might happen to you to have enemies who form bands against you just because you are more handsome or more productive than they are.

This might lead them to create problems between you and your boss through reports and badmouthing.

This is why you have to detect some signs that your boss is angry at you and even hates you. It might be the case when he:

  1. Avoids eye contact with you,
  2. No longer smiles at you,
  3. Almost never salutes you,
  4. Does not invite you to meetings linked to your job,
  5. Seldom answers your emails,
  6. Has no time for your calls,
  7. Takes responsibilities from you,
  8. No more assigns project to you,
  9. Micromanages you more than anybody else,
  10. Switches to negative body language when seeing you,
  11. No more talks to you, but only emails you,
  12. Rejects all your suggestions (and then they are applied),
  13. Gives you a lot of negative feedback.
  14. Never gives any feedback,
  15. Does not take your valuable contribution seriously,
  16. Belittles your ideas,
  17. Takes your contribution for granted,
  18. Does not put your name in the candidates of “next position”,
  19. No longer puts your name in the “promotion list”,
  20. Badmouths you when talking to new employees.

Of course, you do not need to wait until all of the above happen at once. It is impossible for a boss to do all the above at the same time.

When you note more than half of the above, you need to see if you are making some of the mistakes we discussed in mistakes, and you need to correct all of them. A lot of employees badmouth their bosses although their performance is very good. Since bosses hate badmouthing, although those who speak between you are just liars (most of the time they are) you need to know who they are… They, too, cannot look at you in the eye most of the time.