20 Signs You Are in The Wrong Job

To be in the right job is not something you can say before you join it. You firstly need to spend some time in the position before you know whether you are in the good job for you or not.

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This is why there are a lot of unmistakable signs that you are in the right job. Too, there are other signs which absolutely mean that you are in the wrong one. You need to notice them before it is too late.

Below are some signs organized by topic:


  1. Your start visiting doctors more than ever before,
  2. Your appetite is weaker,
  3. The quality of your sleep is low,
  4. You are healthier when you are on vacation,
  5. You feel weaker (psychologically too) than previously.


  1. Your job negatively impacts your mood,
  2. You are happy when you leave,
  3. You feel bored all the time,
  4. Nothing motivates you at work,
  5. You are anger at work by default

Relationships with superiors

  1. People are easily sacked in your company,
  2. Your superior always creates problems to you,
  3. The psychological contract is no longer respected,
  4. You have no “friend” at work,
  5. You are seen as “busy but not productive”.

Skills and Job

  1. There is no room for improvement or training,
  2. You do not want to retire from that job,
  3. You are not proud of your job,
  4. What you earn does not reflect your efforts,
  5. Your skills are being weaker because you are assigned “boring” tasks.

All these signs, to different extents, reveal that you should start either thinking of moving to another department within the same organisation, or even to leave the company. Sometimes the change in management can cause all of the above and lead to burn-out and more psychological imbalances.

A healthy work environment is always better and helpful to make you more productive, and being unemployed in some countries might be safer than doing the wrong job.

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