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Allow me to relax you, Sir -

I see my naked body pleases you, so I shall loosen that tie ever so gently, my breasts brushing against your chest, my nipples, hard pebbles. Just standing this close to you heightens all my senses. I slide the tie away and reach for your hands, the hands that could love me so well.

I undo the cuffs, then work on the buttons, stopping to reach into your pants, lifting the shirt out. And if I happen to glide my hand across the tip of your hard cock? Well that’s an extra little sizzle for you what you deserve while ordering from this nasty escort site.

Finally, the shirt comes away and I'm staring at your magnificent chest. I look askance and you nod, so I indulge my desires and hug you close, my breasts teased by your chest hair, as I lay my head against your heart and gently rub the stress from your back and shoulders.

I feel your cock twitch and I smile slightly, then lower myself to my knees and begin to unbuckle your pants. A quick flick and the button is undone; an easy zip and they open to reveal what I truly need. But first I take your shoes and socks away, then pants and you are as gloriously naked as me.

I look up, silently begging and you grin. I can't resist just one little taste...yum. Your taste is so incredible I can't help myself and I trail a little lick along that vein... Right there.

You groan and pull me up by my hair, smacking my bottom as you growl, "shower!" I practically skip to the bath where the steam is thick and the water is just right. We step in and I grab the soap and cloth, waiting.

You bend to kiss me, the water sloshes down our bodies adding heat to my cool skin. I shiver and you cup my head bringing me fully under the water, devouring me with your tongue. When I can draw a breath, you are arrogantly pleased, but your cock tells me you want me just as much. It bumps against my stomach, seeking my entrance.

I shyly step back and begin to wash your arms, (kiss) your chest (lick on your nipples) your fingers (I suck them one by one). I ask you to turn, and I wash your back, kneading the firm flesh, delighting in your groan of pleasure. “That's it, Sir, let me take away the stress.” I slowly work my way down to your buttocks, giving a soft squeeze and a tender nip.

I finish by washing your legs then wash your feet, planting a kiss on each instep. Then I turn to your cock and smile. I know just how to get him clean! I remove the cloth and use my hands and the soap to firmly stroke you up and down, so hard and yet it gives me such pleasure! I lightly cup your balls, then taking the cloth, I rinse you clean and offer my mouth to your desires.

You pull me up and hand me the soap. "Wash yourself."

I give a wicked grin because I know what you want. I lather my hands and begin with a slow glide along my throat, across my collarbone, and around my breasts, circling closer and closer to my nipples. My body catches fire as I see you stroke yourself to the rhythm of my hands, around and around, tighter and tighter. I reach my nipples and give them a soapy squeeze as I hear you groan.

"Lower" you growl, and I release my breasts sliding my hands down across my stomach and thighs. I slowly glide back up and start to open myself to your gaze. Then I blow you a kiss and present my bottom to your gaze as I lather once again, circling and cupping my ass. I moan because I feel your hot gaze and my pussy weeps with need. I separate my cheeks for you and you glide a soapy finger around my rim. The water sloshes down around us, but I feel the tender kiss you place on each cheek before you slap it playfully and demand, "Show me my pussy!"

I lean against the tiles and brace a foot on the rim, opening myself to your gaze. Your eyes darken, your face tightens and I know the rush of fear that is quickly replaced by want. This is the moment of primal need. I shiver trying to hold still as you stare at me. Your hand reaches out to run a finger through my slick folds and you bring it to your mouth.

Suddenly, you are down on your knees, your hungry mouth devouring my folds, licking, pulling, stabbing at my core with your tongue. I gasp and moan and the sensations rock my body- the wet of the water pounding against us, your tongue and lips invading, retreating! It’s too much. “Please! Please let me cum!”

You stop and look at me. I whimper at the absence of your tongue. “Now!” you growl as you twist my clit hard. I cum with a cry! You show no mercy, but continue to lick and tease me. I feel another orgasm building, but suddenly, you are up and twisting me around, your cock slamming into my pussy.

Yes! Yes! I love the heat of our bodies as my breasts bounce against the coolness of the tiles. "Yes, please," I cry, "take me. Take what you need, Sir."

I feel your heat, you surround me, caging me within your arms as you continue to pound into me, faster, harder... ahh! I'm coming! I sob as the waves of emotions rock me while you grab my breasts and pinch. I cry out in pain, but another wave builds as you continue to take what you need from me.

“Mine. You are mine. You cum when I say, slut.”

My pussy is pulsing, grabbing at you as you plunge in and out! I push back with my ass to hold you in and tighten my pussy. "Yes, baby. You try to hold me," you grunt as you pull my hair and I'm forced to loosen my grip on your cock. You slap my ass again and then lean over me and whisper "This is mine. My pussy. My body. You are mine to command." Harder and deeper you thrust, grinding your hips into my ass, pulling me back and forth like a ragdoll. "I need to cum again, please."

You’re pulling my hair, pounding me, leaning over my back, licking. Nipping at my shoulders and I love it! I want it all! All your lust! The pleasure/pain is almost too intense. I can barely control my need.

Yes! Yes! I squeeze you again within my walls and grind my body down on your delicious cock. I push and pull and grind up and down, my pussy sucking at you, harder, faster, faster....

“Cum for me!” you whisper, and I shudder in release as the words flow over me.

You push into me with a hard groan and I feel your seed filling me. Pumping slowly, you give it all to me. You pull out and my pussy continues to pulse, seeking your cock, but you turn me around and kiss me tenderly. "Good girl. I'm relaxed now." You kiss my forehead. "But I'm not clean yet," you murmur.

I smile and lower myself to my knees, once more taking your cock in my mouth...

He opens the door to the master suite to find me naked and kneeling in submission, an array of erotic implements on the ottoman near the bed.

“I love my wife.”


“And I fuck another.”


“Yet I need… what I need, they can’t give me. Can you?”

I notice him staring at the blindfold, the clamps, the cuffs.

“Yes.” I answered as my body trembled in anticipation.



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