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5 Most Playful ESA Dogs


Emotional support animals (ESA) are the animals that provide you comfort and companionship to alleviate the emotional imbalance in you or any disorder you are suffering from. ESA is assigned to people who are ill or are suffering from any form of disorder such as depression, anxiety, and short temperament.


ESA animals are assigned to you by a very professional and qualified clinician who thoroughly examines you and finds out the real problem of emotional stress after which you are assigned with a realesaletter. After following the process, you are handed an ESA letter which makes you eligible and allows you to keep the animal with you for your treatment purpose.


What ESA animal do you like the most? I am sure that most will say your favorite emotional support animal is a dog. There is no surprise in it; dogs are indeed considered as the most likely and best candidate of an emotional support animal followed by the different breeds of cats.


When you are interested in keeping a dog as an emotional support animal, you need to be familiar with the different dog breeds. Go and search for the various types of dogs that are best classified as emotional support dogs. An ESA dog provides you with comfort, support, and emotional balance. They are the most loyal and playful emotional support animals.


Following are some of the dog breeds that you need to consider when you plan to get a dog as an emotional support animal.


Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are the most popular choice of individuals as a real esa letter. They are mostly known for their playful, gentle, and adorable nature towards humans and their families. You cannot go in looking at why they are like this. It is their character and personality which makes them the best choice for the individuals to get them as their support animal. Golden retrievers are very social and trusting that makes them a perfect match to help their friends.


They are all love and playful who are always ready to please. That makes you fresh and stable. If you are planning to have a permanent and constant companion with you, then the golden retrievers should be your first and foremost choice.




One of the noblest breed dogs is the Kuvasz. Tracing history, they were used as the royal guard dogs. One example of this is the Hungarian King in the 15th century who trusted his dogs more than his councilors. They are extravagantly patient and intelligent animals; the Turkish meaning of their name is the “protector”. They are extremely loyal and playful.


What do you need if you have both a loyal and a playful dog? A trustworthy and loyal dog beside you will ultimately make you feel the essence of security and safety. Their playful nature makes them one of those animals that play their part in a quick and healthy recovery. Do consider this breed when deciding on an emotional support dog.  


The Great Pyrenees


They are the most affectionate and confident dogs, who possess a great intimate guardian nature. They protect their owner and are devoted and loving towards their owner. The Pyrenees are very playful and provide good company to the one they are supposed to benefit from.


They are one of the oldest dog breeds known so far, and hence, are famous for their loyal companionship and playing with their owner. They tend to be lazy sometimes but are very kind, affectionate and socially adaptable.


German Shepherd


I am sure you must have heard the name of German Shepherds. They are the most intelligent breeds in the world; no other breed in the world can match their level of intelligence. They are very loyal to the family with whom they live. They spend plenty of time outside but provide you with extensive intelligence, loyalty and companionship in return. They dedicate themselves to their owners and watch over them.


Not only intelligent, they are very playful and friendly. Although they are the new breed, bred since the end of the 19th century, yet they are very well known and treated. They are considered as one of the most liked ESA dogs.




If you are looking for an amazing and playful dog breed then collies may be the best option for you. Besides being very playful, they possess an instinct of rescue and are available all the time if their owner is in danger.


A collie will be happy to go and adapt to any environment but they remain loyal to their owners. They are very playful and full of joy when they are around their owner. They can be your best option with a mixture of playfulness and loyalty.


These are the five best breeds to consider if you are looking for an emotional support dog. Before you take an emotional support animal to the home you have to get an emotional support animal letter which is the legal permit that allows you to take your ESA animal at home with you.


There are different housing schemes where there is a strict no animal policy, this letter benefits you to keep your dog at your home. Sometimes, your landlord will also not allow you to keep the animal in the house; therefore, show them the letter and keep the animal with you all the time. Do keep the above-mentioned dog breeds when you plan to get a playful ESA dog. is a website that provides emotional support animal (ESA) letters to individuals who require them. The website was founded in 2017 and has since become a leading provider of ESA letters in the United States. To have an ESA Letter visit our site:



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