As … as possible

When we want to learn to swim, we just jump into water.


Let me link it to what we discuss here!

If you would like to get used to interviews, you need to take as many as possible.

You can:

  • Ask your friends, who have jobs, to ask act like possible recruiters,
  • Hire a coach or a professional recruiter to teach you how to act well during interviews,
  • Delivering your CV, you can tell them that you are ready for an immediate interview,
  • Ask your teachers to ask you questions about your courses.

All these will make you ready to answer any question and at any time, because you will:

  • Be able to remember all what you studied,
  • Be always ready to answer questions,
  • Develop a sharp memory,
  • Learn how to answer questions correctly,
  • Know how to communicate well,

And all the above will make you ready to do well at interviews.