Once you are suddenly called by a possible employer for an interview, you need to have your documents ready…

Your resume, in all the languages you know, should be ready and updated.

This is especially if you live in a multilingual country like Morocco (Arabic, English, French and English languages are strongly present), or Canada (French & English) or Switzerland (Italian, German, French & English).

Your Cover Letter, also, should be ready and updated. You cannot present any Cover Letter or write it in a hurry. It should be well written and ahead of time.

Other documents, for which you cannot look for a copy center on early Monday to make photocopies of, can be:

  • Certificates of achievements,
  • Diplomas,
  • Recommendation letters,
  • Identity card (this is asked for in several countries).

Preparing files is always better than going to an interview with your CV only.

Remember! The more organized you are, the better impression you will give.