Look at your LOOK!

Although students reach high school, they still do not care that much about their professional looks. A number of them still depend on wearing:

  • Hats,
  • Loose clothes,
  • Colorful clothes,
  • Bizarre shoes.

This is not going to serve them in their professional experiences, and they should, starting from the high school time, start getting used to:

  • Suits,
  • Classic shoes,
  • Classic watches,
  • Shirts,
  • Suitcases.

At this stage of their lives, they should have known their preferred brand and style

What must be avoided at any cost like:

  • Piercings,
  • Tattoos,
  • Bizarre haircuts,
  • Long nails,
  • Colorful teeth bridges,

And all what might surprise customers.

Richard Templar wrote the Rules of Work, and one of the key chapters is:

Dress Up or Down Accordingly.

If your clothes are not all classic or professional, you need to always keep a clean suit in your cupboard, in case you are suddenly called for an interview. Try to wear that suit from time to time to get used to it, because you might not feel together wearing a piece of clothes for the first time in your life and in front of an interviewer who will detect if you do not feel alright.

Remember! If you do not look professional, others will do.