Permanent readiness

It happens to most inexperienced people to receive a call from an employer, without being ready for it. A big number of them are not ready, because they are eating, driving, sleeping, etc., and all of a sudden, they are called by an employer who is asking them about their resumes details and dates. They:

  • Do not know what to say at all,
  • Do not know how to answer the questions accurately,
  • Do not remember the dates of their previous experiences,
  • Forget when they got the certificates and diplomas,
  • Seem to forget their own experiences,
  • Sound hesitating and not sure about what they say,
  • Fail to give a good impression.

The caller will not be convinced to invite them for a face to face interview, generally.

What one has to do as part of the job search is to keep the degree of readiness at its utmost both for face to face or phone interview. This can be done through:
  • Learning your resume BY HEART,
  • Working out your voice,
  • Practicing using voice recorder & and in front of a mirror,
  • Learning to keep smiling all the time,
  • Asking a friend or a family member to interview you,
  • Paying an HR cabinet to prepare you for interviews,
  • Keeping professional clothes ready,
  • Keeping the same phone number and a working cell,
  • Reading the other tips in this section.

The last tip to share with you is to STAND UP when you know that the caller is an HR or employer. When you are sitting down, your voice cannot sound as confident as when stand up.

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