Banish pessimism

He was a strong man; a well-built one, handsome and intelligent. His speech revealed something totally against what was thought about him by everybody else. Once he started talking, everybody felt a huge river of sorrow coming out of his mouth. All the words he spoke, sentences and phrases were taken from the jargon of sorrow. Death, sickness, sadness and other words that carry negativity dominated his speech.

Sometimes we just tried to avoid him. All he was professional in was to make people feel sad. Of course, he never did it on purpose, but what was on his mind and how he thought was exactly what he was living, and the way he was transmitting sadness to the closest people to him was of terrible results.

He was a person who saw nothing but the bad side of work. He always complained of getting up early and not having enough sleep. He never liked transportation means. No one should have tried to correct his mistakes at work. Customers had always to treat him gently. The work hours were long for him. He was an absolute example of those who hate their jobs

To be sad and passive all the time makes the whole sides of your life dark. In this case, darkness is only in your eyes. You need to start seeing life from a different perspective; that of the happy people. Remember that the conditions you live in now were not available to the richest kings two centuries ago, or even fifty years ago.

If you want to become a happy person, you need to:

  • Spend more time with happy people,
  • Avoid thinking too much about life obstacles,
  • Learn to focus on solutions rather than problems,
  • Practice critical thinking,nderstand that life is give and take, not take and take,
  • It is YOU who chose to be happy or sad.

  • Is your work really that hard and undoable?
  • Is there any possibility for you to love it?
  • How does your job contribute to the development of human civilization?
  • Is your job the true source of your sadness?

Please focus on the last question, because when you are negative all the time, a lot of those around you will feel sorry for you. They will get affected. Last, remember that your children will not be happy, too.

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