Healthy Habits

Yes!! At work, we need to develop some rituals. Let us list some!

Light Sport:

Light sport can be a good habit to do at work. By that, I do not mean you need to ask for a complete gym at work, nor to leave the workplace to jog during your break either, although you can do so. What I mean is to do one of the following:

Choose an empty place and do some pushups every day. It will not take you more than two minutes, but the result will be remarkable if you do it daily. It is an absolutely enjoyable activity that makes blood flow better through your body and makes you look stronger. I personally do it, and I use either the ground or a strong side of my office desk.

Yoga is a good choice too. You do not need to remove your clothes and wear the yoga ones. A small carpet to perform some movements on it is helpful, if the activity is allowed of course. It should not last more than ten minutes, but the results are very good, since Yoga helps us relax immediately.

To learn some basic Yoga movements, you can go consult YouTube videos. There are plenty of videos instructing safe movements. Another possibility is to sit on your office desk and stretch your neck muscles gently by slowly turning your head to both sides, for example.

The same thing can be said about squats, and these small sports activities, combined, do not take half of your break. You can exercise them every other day, or they can take place at separated times on the same day. Try them and let your friends see you as a person who does a lot of things to avoid stress at work.

Coffee or tea time:

You can transform your coffee or tea time (short break) into a cordial meeting with a colleague from another department to see a bigger picture of the company. If you can spend it with people who follow up on your work or do the steps before yours starts, you will be able to help them perform their tasks much better.

Also, it is the best opportunity to detect whether you should request training in another department, and maybe to switch completely to another job within the same company.

Reading pages from up-lifting books:

Now they are everywhere and free online. Quotes or even pages from this type of books helps enormously. Namely the books of Hill, Carnegie, etc.

 Read religious books:

I put a religious book in my small office. I read some pages whenever I have some free time especially when I go to the office very early. Bit by bit, I have become more eager to read from it. I become more willing to start my workday. This completely eradicated the bad feelings I had and all the stress I felt, when I was on the way to work. Starting the working day with a religious or an inspirational book is really helpful.

Spending the break time in different places:

Sticking to spending the break in the same place might be a source of monotony

You need to select one of the above or to try all of them gradually. As time goes by, you will see how different your work experience is going to become.

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