Is Your Work Really Hard?

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Sandro: “I no longer like my job.”

Leonardo: “Why? What’s wrong with you? Or with it?”

Sandro: “It has become harder than ever. I no longer feel myself at ease.”

Leonardo:” Is it really hard work?”

When your job becomes more difficult than you can handle, you need to find an answer to this question:

‘Have you done something to make it easier?’

A difficult job means one or all of the following:

  • Time is not enough to perform all the tasks,
  • It requires a lot of energy,
  • You lack creativity,
  • A chronic disease may put your health at risk while performing it,
  • That job requires more than one person to do,
  • You waste energy outside work,
  • And, especially, you lack the skills that make it easier.

Do not think that your peers in other departments:

  • Have easier jobs,
  • Have more free time than you do,
  • Are happier with their jobs than you are,
  • Are better paid than you are,
  • Their bosses give them less work.

Theirs maybe harder, but they just do not have time to complain. They may also be better prepared for it. YES! I like the question you raise:

How to be better prepared for your job?

In order to:

You need to:

  • See how your peers perform their jobs,
  • Understand that evolution is unavoidable,
  • Meet people doing the same job in other companies, and countries,
  • Take Excel and software courses,
  • Ask your company to purchase you a software license for your tasks,
  • Learn the techniques & technology used in your company & industry,
  • Ask for more training.

A lot of people believe that the work they do is hard, while the truth is not that. You need to pay closer attention to the above, to get a better idea about how your relationship with work in general is.

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