Internal Training

When you join a company, you need to be very attentive to what goes on around you. You need to pay close attention to every detail and to disbelieve in what the majority of trainees take as a creed: “That is not my job”.

It is bad to keep waiting for a group of professional people to have some free time to teach you something. It is your eagerness to learn what will make them trust you more and teach you more. It is all best for you.

When you take training and remark that you have much free time, you should always ask for more training.  Once they remark how eager you are to learn, they will understand that you are:

  • Ready for more,
  • Helpful,
  • Like the organization,
  • Loyal from the start,
  • Eager to learn and receptive to complex information,
  • Willing to validate the training,
  • Able to move to another department,
  • A good investment.

This is because when you just stick to what is given to you, you show that you are exactly NOT the list above.

You can always read and study about a department, and ask them to initiate you to it, especially if your direct boss is busy with something else and stops his work to train you. You can ask him to teach you something of what keeps him busy. It starts with simple tasks, and when you are remarked to be open-minded, you show them that you can be given a better job, within the same company.

Asking for another training during your free time will help you show how skillful you are in another job, and will absolutely help you learn more… for free.

This is what I tried myself, and it helps. I moved from a department to another one. It was not easy, because it took time and a lot of hard work, but it was a good investment of energy.

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