A Nicer Workplace

If there is a room for negotiation to make the workplace a beautiful place, just go ahead and discuss those modifications with your colleagues. In the company I am working for now, we used to have a smaller office. Its design became no longer helpful to us. It was smaller than the growing number of employees.

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The company owner is living in the U.S.A. and it was not possible for us to communicate for him the day to day feelings we had. We could not call him to tell say that we wanted a colorful office. We just discussed a need to change the whole place we worked in. We talked to him, and immediately he asked us to look for a better and a larger one.


More, he even encouraged us to purchase all the equipments which make an office a good place. He told us: ‘just buy all that you need’. We did, and we even found two good air conditioning systems after he insisted on doing all our best to spend the work hours in the best conditions possible.

Bosses are always ready to do their bests for the happiness of their employees. If there is an action required from you to make the work conditions better, you can just take the action. Your needs should be logical, and you should not want to make a modification just because the office of the neighbor company is what you want yours to look like. As long as you want to make it easier for everybody, everybody will help you ameliorate your work place.

To make the workplace become as lovely as possible, you can:

  • Find better equipments like phones, PCs, etc,
  • Add loudspeakers to listen to quiet music,
  • Create a place for your worship,
  • Make the kitchen well-equipped,
  • Get an air conditioner, 
  • Have sports equipments.

A workplace is a workplace before anything else. It has to remain like that especially in the places open to customers. If you add something for leisure, it has to be hidden in a place reserved for employees only.

Remember that when you go to work, you go to participate in the development of human civilization. You express your productivity You have the whole world to practice anything you love doing, but when you go to work, try not to be like a child who cannot stay happy except when dolls are available.

Remember, the most important things in a workplace are not equipments or location. What matters the most is how good you are to your peers and how big the value you add to the company.

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