Recall the Best Moments of Your Work Time

As soon as we go home, we need to focus on what is waiting for us; kids, bills, laundry, etc. We need to log off the worker software and activate the parent one. The question is; why do we have to do so? And the answers are as follows:

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  • We have to focus more on our home life,
  • We do not have work only in life,
  • Other people are waiting for our care,
  • We should avoid mixing our personal and professional lives,
  • We need to leave stress outside,
  • We need to rest from work.

Every workday includes some beautiful moments. There are multiple ways to make several time slots joyful, for example, we can;

  • Listen to music on the way to the workplace,
  • Share jokes and funny moments with our co-workers,
  • Transform the break to a nice walk with a colleague,
  • Sing together during the break time.

But before we do any of the above activities, we have to accept that the workplace is not designed for hard work and stress only. Instead, we need to accept to live nice moments in the workplace and to avoid frowning and being severe all the time. We shall learn how to make those around us happy and not stressed.

Spending nice times needs to be looked for everyday. We shall make those moments part of our daily life and not exceptions only. We shall make sure we always:

  • Write about the beautiful moments we spend at work,
  • Do our best to live them again,
  • Take pictures while living them,
  • Share them with our family members and friends.

Every beautiful moment should be lived with all our senses and focus. Life is short, and we have to live it joyfully. If there is any minute from which we can extract some happiness, we just have to do so. More, we have to make those moments livable over and over again and memorable.



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