The Colleagues’ Personalities

People are the products of their societies and families. They differ from one another.  They have different types of personalities, to which you need to pay attention.

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There is no bad colleagues and good colleagues. We all make mistakes, and the closest a person is to us, the more likely we make mistakes towards them. Some would say that the most famous mistake makers in the world are those who conduct wars and kill innocent people. I would agree, but what is their personal vision? Of course, they would defend themselves by saying:

  • I was afraid,
  • I had to defend my nation and culture,
  • I was defending myself, my family and country,
  • I have to prevent invaders from colonizing my country,
  • I do not want my ethnicity to disappear,
  • Declaring war from my side is less dangerous to me than if declared by my enemies.

You need to remember that people fall within categories according to a lot of theories of behavior and personality. I am not going to discuss any of them, because people’s profiles and personalities change as time goes by, but this does not prevent you from trying to understand:

  • What your colleagues like or dislike,
  • What they prefer to hear,
  • What they like to eat,
  • What they like to wear,
  • How they like to be treated.

If you do not try to understand what “type” of personality they are, you will not deal with them successfully. So the best is that YOU try to know their personality types, because YOU are reading What I have written. We rely on you to:

  • Know how they think,
  • Know how they feel,
  • Understand them,
  • Study their personalities,
  • Treat them well without being controlled by emotions,
  • Make their life better when you are around… because you KNOW their personalities.

Imagine that you work with someone who invested enough time to understand your personality, and you have spent enough time to do the same. I let you think how great your work experience could ave been, and I let you start trying to study your colleagues’ personalities.

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