Why Only Work?

Work is an important activity in our life. It is the cornerstone of all of what we do. It is … you know the list you are told everyday …

Having your work as the only activity in your life is a dangerous danger. When someone does, his life can stop once he faces a job loss. Why? Because he has nothing to do.

This is why it is recommended to have as many hobbies as you can, in addition to your main job.  As we grow up, several friends and ex-classmates go work in what we consider as hobbies. Many friends of mine are now:

  • Professional soccer players,
  • Professional swimmers,
  • Singers
  • Writers,

Others have chosen different paths. Most of them are now doing what they like, because they simply use one of their hobbies as a permanent job and source of income.

It does not come just that easily, of course. It took them years of practice to master the rules and tricks of the hobbies they exercise. Once they mastered everything, they just took them professionally.

When we have several hobbies, we benefit in several ways, as we:

  • Spend quality time alone or with others,
  • Learn much more than when doing nothing,
  • Always feel better, hale & hearty,
  • Meet new people with whom we might do business in the future,
  • See different places,
  • Become much more experienced in life,
  • Become able to do something when we are retired.

When people get retired, they become angry. They have almost nothing to do. They can even lose the sense of life, once they feel themselves unproductive. This feeling is avoidable, if we take action to learn new things through exercising hobbies and encouraging others to do the same.

A lot of them become unhealthy and lost the physical strength they used to have. Psychologically speaking, they become sadder than ever before. This is why they should not get so attached to their jobs to the extent to do nothing else in their life.

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