Why The Same Path?


Do you take the same path to your workplace? Do you take the same way back to where you live? So why do you wonder why is boredom present in your life?

To save time, most of us use the same means of transportation everyday. Those who take a taxi stick to their points of leave and arrival. They just do not want to change points A & B., Of course, a lot care about the sum of money they have to pay, but they turn a blind eye on the boredom this creates to them.

Others use the same bus line. They might be seeing the same faces at the bus stop. What they do not give any importance to is that they are seeing the same picture every day. The same bus driver with the same movements and turns are waiting for them. The same buildings are there everyday to say “hello”. The same monotonous symphony is going to be played every morning. A big sum of indirect monotony finds its way to their lives just through this.

Saving time and energy before reaching the workplace is a goal in itself. We want to reach our offices neither sweaty nor late. Good strategy! But have you ever told yourself this:

  • The way to work is no longer exciting,
  • The journey to the workplace is monotonous,
  • I am doing the same thing over and over again,
  • I see the same things and faces everyday,
  • Going to work is a real source of boredom.

If you have not thought of the above points, you might have started not liking your job. Why?

When you start your day with a monotonous activity, just like what you did the day before, and exactly what your subconscious predicts you will be doing the following day, it is almost impossible to love what you are going to do next.

I am not inviting you to take the plane to the workplace. I am not suggesting that you go crawling. No! Let me put my suggestions in the following:

  • Take a taxi from a different place,
  • Take the bus from another bus stop,
  • Leave the bus or taxi before you reach the usual final stop and continue on foot, as long as the weather permits,
  • Go by bike,
  • Walk to work at least once a week, if not very far,
  • Go earlier and have breakfast close to the workplace, or in it, from time to time,
  • Go for a walk before you go to work.

You will not invest more than little energy to make your day start well. When your day starts in a different and exciting way, the rest is likely to be more exciting, and your work day will be a nice experience, a boredom-free day.

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