Why do You Work?

This is the most important question you have to ask yourself.

People go to work to achieve some goals. They have specific motivations which might change as time goes by. There is a big possible list of those motivations. Let us see some:

·        Guarantee health insurance,
·       Avoid doing nothing,
·       Learn more,
·       Career improvement,
·     Recognition,
·        Help others, including society,
·        Express themselves,
·        Contact with more people,
·        Earn money,
·        Avoiding unemployment,
·        Running out from home stress,
·        Achieve school-days dreams.

Going to work just to spend time is the wrong idea. Of course, there are you do not have a clear goal in their whole life, and they have no particular goal when it comes to their professional life.

Their ultimate goal has always been “to get a job”, especially in countries, regions or even sectors in which it is hard to find a job. 

This is an absolute fallacy. You always need to know what motivates you, because, based on that, you will know what motivates your colleagues and even your boss. The result is your ability to deal with any one of them in the most accurate way possible because you will be able to know their personalities and what motivates them.