Your Job’s Positive Sides

The list below is a comparison between you and millions of others living worldwide. It will show you how higher the level you live in is, in comparison to how others’ lives:

  • You have a job.

Millions are jobless.

  • You have the opportunity to do something.

Millions do not find anything to do.

  • You earn money.

Millions do not and live under the poverty level.

  • You are healthy.

Millions cannot work,

  • You can do something for society.

Millions have not found the opportunity.

  • You are safe in your job.

Millions work in very dangerous conditions.

  • Do you get paid on time?

Millions work and do not get paid.

  • Do you have health insurance?

Millions do not have one.

  • Do you have money to pay your bills?

Millions are still away from achieving that.

  • Can you go to the hospital and buy medicines when you are sick?

Millions cannot, if they have a hospital close to where they live.

Make a list of all what is good in your job and is not even available in others’ jobs and what you possess in your life and which is absent from others’ lives. By doing this, you will understand that nobody lives in perfect conditions. It is true that some jobs are safer and more enthusiastic than other ones, but we can become stronger to face the dangers of that type of jobs.

Those who massage women or babies have better jobs than those who work in iron factories exposed to fire all the time. In their jobs, they use products with good odors, and they deal with soft bodies all the time. Yet, they have to keep standing all the time and remain aware of the use of their hands, since a misuse of the hands can generate serious punishments by laws, if they overstep their limits and make inappropriate touches.

The same comparison between university teachers and singers can be an illustrated example. Teachers speak. Singers sing. Both of them use their voices most of the time. Both of them work standing, in general.

Yet, both of them need a high level of concentration and the people in front of them wait for the best from them. Both of them are like candles; they get burned to enlighten others. Both of them work a safer job than big truck drivers in the oil industry. Yet, some of those drivers will refuse to leave their jobs to sing or teach.

No job is risk-free. Even writers suffer a lot before finishing a book. There is a challenge of plagiarism avoiding. Finding good ideas is also a big issue. More, organizing those ideas is a big adventure that consumes a lot of time and too much energy. It is true that writers write their articles and books moving their eyes and fingers while sitting, but they make a huge effort, sleep fewer hours and look into PC screens during longer times. What we need to do is to look for the good aspects of our job and to try to love it and innovate within it.

Focusing on the advantages of our jobs is a good behavior. Being positive all the time and sharing enough time with positive colleagues can absolutely make us work at ease and finish our work day happily. Turning a blind eye to drawbacks in our work enables us to love it, just like seeking the bad sides will make us hate it, and this is exactly what a big number of people do, unfortunately.

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