Ignoring the Important Addresses

Yes! It is a mistakeā€¦ Let me tell you why.

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When you first join a company, they usually do not keep you busy starting from your first day. You always have fewer things to do, and therefore, more time. It is your golden occasion to show how helpful you are and to tie strong links with your future peers.

Whenever you are free, you can accompany whoever is going out to do something for the company. You can ask your direct boss to let you know if any document should be submitted to any facility, and that can be one of the following:

  • The Bank,
  • The Fiduciary,
  • The preferred cafe shops,
  • Repair companies,
  • Print shops,
  • Barbershop shops,
  • Car rental companies,
  • Transport companies,
  • Hospitals,
  • Trades companies.
  • Governmental Administrations,
  • Tax administrations,
  • Health care administrations,
  • The court,
  • Etc.

Going to those places for your busy colleagues will

  • Let people from outside the company know you, and promote you,
  • Make you more knowledgeable of your company activities and stakeholders,
  • Make your boss know how helpful you are
  • Initiate you to representing the company,
  • Enable you to broaden your professional list of contacts,
  • Give you more opportunities to help the company evolve,
  • Make it easier for you to validate your training.

When you just do not care, you just miss big opportunities to move to the next step in your career.

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