Changing Your Trainer

It will happen to you, as a trainee, to work under the supervision of an instructor who is

  • Busy
  • Not communicative enough
  • Fierce
  • Stressed
  • Angry

and you might be harshly treated by him.

This makes some trainees look around to find someone else who is more willing to help and more patient.
Good move! Well! That is on your mind only.

Sorry to tell you that it is a deadly mistake.

Changing your trainer means YOU are the trainer, and he is the trainee. The image you give of yourself is that:

  • You are suffering in your relationship with the concept of “power”,
  • You will be changing your trainer whenever you do not like him,
  • You are weak when it comes to challenges,
  • The company customers will be lost due to your behavior.

When your colleagues, your new trainer included, witness that you have eliminated your official trainer, do you really think you will get the job and get promoted? Nobody will feel safe dealing with you.

Sometimes your “not preferred” instructor is the key person in that company as well as in the whole sector, and when you play the boss while you are in the entry level; you will be kicked off very soon and your reputation will get badly scratched .

If you play the boss, you will never even get a good job in that sector.