Criticizing Colleagues

Congratulation! you got a high degree with high marks. That is nice. We are happy for you.

You are now taking training, and that means you are learning, so just forget about thinking you are superior to the rest, if you think you know more than your friends do.

In the workplace, you need to keep the student’s spirit, otherwise, you will start criticizing your colleagues when they do something you do not like and they see it as part of their personalities like:

  • Sexual orientation,
  • Religion,
  • The way they do work.

You might be better than they in everything, but delivering critiques is part of the boss’s job, and no boss will share this task with you. It is not yet in your job description.

When you criticize a colleague, who is either a permanent employee or a trainee like you, you are sending signs about you that reveal how you are:
  • Bossy,
  • Moody,
  • An “eye” watching them.

Do not give a bad image of you to your colleagues. They might be asked if you are a good future peer, and they might say “NO!”.

No one in the whole world accepts that someone else is criticizing him in public, especially all the time. Some absolutely swallow it, but if it is repeatedly done, the criticizer will have to expect a bad reaction.

It is true that sometimes, due to the stress caused by work, we lose our temper and do not care about who is around. Sometimes there is a customer watching us and listening to our speech, and here lays the worst side of this mistake. When we criticize one another in the presence of a customer, he:

  • Starts thinking if he is dealing with the right company,
  • No longer respects the company staff,
  • Thinks of looking for another supplier,
  • Might badmouth the company and scratch its image.

Do you see now the dimensions of the mistake?

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