Bosses Are Monsters

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Try not to be any of the people discussed in this section

It is hard to find a boss who is always smiling and doing exactly what employees wish. This category of people is always viewed as harsh, bossy, strict, etc. When someone is in a position of taking critical decisions, there is always little room for feeling. The burden of responsibly puts the boss on a bed of nails. It makes him face more hurdles. The slightest mistake made by a boss always leads to dramatic results which affect him and the rest of the employees.

Yet, stereotypes about bosses are deeply rooted in less experienced people, especially those who take every critique personally, and a big number of trainees fall within this category. The latter can believe in some or all of the stereotypes about bosses, and they believe that they:

  • Are boastful,
  • Are hard to deal with,
  • Do not like employees,
  • Sexist,
  • Do not want employees to earn enough money,
  • Do not want employees to be financially independent,
  • Do not trust employees,
  • Consider employees as enemies,
  • Focus on mistakes rather than achievements,
  • Emotionally abusers,
  • Only criticize,
  • Egocentric,
  • Narcissist,
  • Do not open rooms for communication,
  • Deny the employees’ good will,
  • Never help their subordinates,
  • Prefer micro-management over coaching,
  • Mysterious,
  • Disrespectful,
  • Do not care about employees’ personal lives and health.

Remember that the nature of the work exercised by the bosses makes them seen as harsh people. Here, I would like to illustrate an example widely used in my native tribe: Lions are fierce and are not bad.

It is true that lions are not good friends to the rest of animals. They eat them, of course. For the others, a lion is the enemy number one. Yet, lions are not bad animals. They have a role in the universe, and they are performing their job correctly. Their food is the meat of many animals, and, while hunting, they force all animals to stop eradicating the grass from the land.

Imagine that we had not had any lion! Would not those animals have eaten all the grass? Would there be any sol? Would there be any land, any life? Any grass for all those races of animals to feed on?

I am not saying bosses are lions. I am not comparing employees or trainees to the other animal species. I am showing that the fiercest creatures in the forest are doing something good to everybody else. They have to take hard decisions.

If bosses choose to be friendly, chances are that many trainees make all the mistakes we have discussed so far. The stricter the boss is, the more focused trainees are. So if your boss is super strict, do not think he is a bad person, but think of how much pressure is on him, and how many things he thinks about. If you think about your salary and job, he thinks about all other employees’ salaries and future stay in the company, and he is responsible for so many things which you are not even aware of their existence.

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