Dressing Unprofessionally

Dressing well, or not, gives important signs about your personality. Dressing like a salesperson all the time is a skill which you should master and apply starting from the interview day. Your look will speak in your name and send several strong signs about you to your superiors like:

  • Are ready to meet customers,
  • Can represent the company at a high level,
  • Are responsible trainees,
  • Are happy to come to the office,
  • Invest time to get prepared for the job,
  • Respect our colleagues,
  • Love the job.

Other important things transmitted through dressing well can be summarized in the following sentence: “Today is an important day, and YOU are important to me too.”

Remember that when you do not respect the professional dress code, your boss will not take the risk of allowing you to meet customers, because you are a part of the company, and you need to show how professional it is.

You can try to imitate your managers without buying very expensive clothes. Too, you need to make sure the following are also within the “professional” category:

  • Watch,
  • Briefcase,
  • Shoes,
  • Jewelry,

Learning to look professional starts a long time before graduation, and if you can get rid of your lousy and very colorful clothes, or at least to stop investing your money in them, it would serve you enormously. If you stay away from tattoo and piercings, you will keep giving a very good impression.

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