It is “just training”

This is the sentence I do not like the most.

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When you say “it is JUST a training”, you implicitly convince yourself that:

  • The job is not important,
  • It is a matter of time and the experience ends,
  • You cannot contribute to the company development,
  • You are not the right person for the job,
  • There is no need to make any effort,
  • It is all about being present,
  • You will not learn much.

It is a bad idea to start your professional journey with a negative series of thoughts.

When your boss hears you saying “it is just a training”, you immediately make all the mistakes listed in this section of the website, and; therefore, you send signs to your employer that you are:

  • The wrong person for the job,
  • Untrustworthy,
  • A bad investment,
  • Not interested in the job,
  • Leaving soon,
  • Wasting their time, and yours.

Instead, you need to try the following phrases:

  • I am learning,
  • I am a future employee,
  • I am a professional student,
  • I am being prepared for my job.

Most people I know using the “it is just a training” sentence fail in getting enough from their training. So, please do not be one!

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