Mr. Procrastinator

Mr. Procrastinator Are you one? Do not worry!  Millions are. Let us, first, see why you might procrastinate!
  • You misuse your time,
  • You start a lot of jobs at the same time,
  • You do not like the job,
  • You feel you are overused by your employer,
  • Better not done than done wrongly,
  • You suffer from intolerance and discrimination at work,
  • Your employer criticizes you more than he motivates you,
  • You suffer from some sort of mental exhaustion or stress,
  • The reward is not immediate or the job is not urgent,
  • You are not paid for doing that job,
  • You know there is someone who will do it,
  • You try to avoid the pain of failing,
  • Your role is not clear,
  • You over-estimate your abilities,
  • You want to learn everything before you act,
  • Distraction easily finds its way to you,
  • Lazy… That is YOU!
  • Several methods to perform the same job exist,
  • Deadline pressure is your favorite,
  • You do not say “no” to the job you cannot do.
There are several other reasons, but the results are one, or all, of the following:
  • Job not done,
  • More criticism from your employer,
  • Low productivity,
  • Less happiness at work,
  • Desire to leave the job,
  • Becoming untrustworthy,
  • You lose the job.
To solve the problem, there are concrete actions to take, namely:
  • Know why you procrastinate,
  • Solve the health problems related to procrastination,
  • Prioritize your tasks & jobs,
  • Ask for help to become more productive,
  • Ask your boss where he wants you to focus,
  • Limit your list of tasks,
  • Stop saying “yes” to every help request,
  • Work in a team,
  • Ask for more training,
  • Break the large tasks to smaller ones.
  • Start working with hard and smart workers people instead of procrastinators.
Now that you know what to do if procrastination bothers you, you need to try to remove it from your other areas of life. If you eradicate it from your life permanently, you will enjoy a more productive life.


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