Mr. Angry

None of us would like to travel with an angry person who always shouts, argues and … Before we proceed, let me ask you the following questions:

  • Are you described as a peaceful person?
  • Are you depicted as a quiet friend?
  • Do you smile all the time whatever the situation is?
  • Do people enjoy being around you?
  • Can people feel at ease when criticizing you?

If YES, you possess a set of very good qualities, which have been hard to be found since a time. We all know how stressed everybody is, including children. The amount of pressure on people, due to the lack of time that results from the high number of tasks we have to perform every day and the lack of pleasurable activities in our schedules, is really enormous. Some are able to control their temper, while others cannot. If you are one of the latter, you need to tackle it. I consider it as a true hurdle that makes the integration into companies, for trainees, harder than it might be thought of.

Being a person who fights or argues all the time will make people, believe it or not, see you as:

  • Unable to control yourself,
  • Unwanted by customers,
  • Hard to work with,
  • Hard to teach,
  • Hard to learn from,
  • Not liking the job,
  • Not peaceful,
  • A person who will never fit in any team,

We can list all the negative adjectives with all their synonyms. We can borrow a whole dictionary to describe how people view working with someone who is angry, moody and arguing all the time.

Being angry and fighting all the time is harmful to everybody:

  • The trainees themselves,
  • The customers of the company,
  • The reputation of the company,
  • The other employees,
  • The boss.

Being angry all the time leads to fights. Fights, or at least arguments, of course, prevent communication from passing smoothly among employees. Team work with less communication makes the team very weak.

If you fall within the category of angry people, you need to tackle the problem as soon as possible, because you are still at the beginning of your work experience. You are still young and you still do not have the high amount of responsibilities which normally makes people face the challenge of controlling their mood. You need to know if you suffer from the following;

  • Anxiety & early burnout,
  • Mistreatment, or the perception of it,
  • Abuse,
  • Paranoia,
  • Fear.

If you can detect the causes before you start looking for a training, you are helping yourself the best way.

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