Mr. I Forget

Have you ever talked to someone, and after a while, you realized that he has forgotten most, if not all, of what you had told him? Have you ever asked your son to do something, later, he forgets all your instructions? Have you ever shown a trainee how to perform a task, but when you asked him about it the following day, he told you:

  • I do not remember,
  • I did not take note well,
  • You did not tell me this at all,
  • Did you tell me that?
  • This has never been shown to me before.

Of course, your reaction would not be a smile. You might go mad.

Forgetfulness is common in all elementary levels, everywhere in the world and in every workplace. So do not think you are the only one suffering from this issue. I suffered from it with the trainees whom I instruct. It is not done on purpose. It is the outcome of several issues. It might be the result of:

  • Alzheimer and this is far from being present in newly graduated and young trainees,
  • Addiction to drugs, watching pornography, etc.,
  • Not challenging one’s memory,
  • Not focusing enough when instructions are given,
  • Slipshod work,
  • Inattention,
  • Not taking or revising notes,
  • Not liking the tasks, the colleagues, the instructor, or even the job.

The list can be longer than this, and the causes are numerous. This is why it is recommended to see a doctor once you remark that you forget a lot. You need to know if the issue is related to the brain itself as an organ, or just to a habit that you are doing excessively. Consulting a doctor is always the best step, especially when there is a problem with memory. It is the brain!

A weak memory, still, is not a destiny. It is just like a muscle that can be worked out. Exercises that make us have better memories exist. There are several techniques that can make it better and stronger. I, myself, tried several of the following techniques, and they really help:

  • Try to remember instructions given to other colleagues,
  • Try to remind yourself of all what was taught to you before you leave the workplace,
  • Check memory exercises online,
  • Join clubs that work memory out,
  • Participate in memory competitions,
  • Look for people whose memories are strong and become their student to learn the memory boost techniques they use,
  • Learn by heart all the numbers that you come across; bus ticket numbers, phone numbers, Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, etc.
  • Keep recalling what you learnt by heart like poetry, parts of books, songs in other languages you do not master, etc.,
  • Try to recall the email subjects and details.

Never say that your memory is weak and will remain like that! Never allow that to be your weak point. You can just work it out and the results at all sides of your life will be outstanding.

On the other hand, you need to:

  • Avoid staying up late,
  • Stop your addictions (smoking, drinking, watching pornography, etc.)
  • Practice sport,
  • Sleep enough,
  • Tell yourself that your memory is strong. Positive affirmations do miracles!
  • Eat well and drink enough water.

Sometimes our bad habits, like the above mentioned, make our mental health and memory weak. As young people looking for a job, all those habits have to be put aside. Otherwise, work is going to be harder than it really is.

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