Mr. No!

As we have been discussing, training experiences are opportunities to:

  • Learn as much information as possible,
  • Learn as many ways to perform a task as possible,
  • Meet as many professional people as possible,
  • Learn to work in stressful environments.

Yet, we come across some people who, generally lack experience, refuse to perform the tasks assigned to them.  Why?

The possible answers are that they might:

  • Be afraid of overworking,
  • Think those tasks are not part of their job,
  • Not want to evolve,
  • Suffer from the fear of making mistakes.

Rejecting tasks is one of the mistakes that are made by the least good trainees I met. Those people, as far as I am concerned, are hard to work with. As per my personal experience, they:

  • Need to be under micromanagement for some time,
  • Do nothing in the absence of power between them and their superiors.

It is a deadly mistake to make, because instructors and bosses believe that the trainee who rejects tasks is:

  • Not a good investment for the company,
  • Unreliable,
  • Is dissatisfied with the salary,
  • In trouble with someone else in te company,
  • Rebellious,
  • Disrespectful,
  • A bothering element that can shake staff harmony.

A boss who believes that the trainee’s thinking matches the discussed above characteristics will absolutely take one of the following actions:

  • Stop the training,
  • Not rely on the trainee anymore,
  • Not trust the trainee.

Other results of rejecting tasks might be inviting the trainee to the boss’s office every now and then, and this will result in:

  • The staff’s having a bad image about the trainee,
  • Having a bad image about the trainee by everybody else,
  • Complete isolation.

All these results are not good at all. This is what makes rejecting tasks one of the worst mistakes ever made by any trainee. If you think rejecting a task is a sign of courage and power, please read something else, because you will not benefit from what comes next.

Last, in some countries, the law of labor allows bosses to kick out anybody who refuse to perform the tasks they assign to trainees.


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