Mr. Phone

There is no better than working with a staff that leaves their mobile phones away from their workplace. They can focus on their tasks and do not bother others or get bothered by calls or social media texts.

The massive use of mobile phones inside the work place takes several forms. All of which are not in the favor of employees. When it comes to trainees, they have to be more focused and try not to live one of the following experiences:

  • Too many incoming calls:
  • Not MUTING the phone during the training time:
  • Being a source of noise
  • Answering calls in the middle of training sessions.

Well, this is the very evil. When someone delays his tasks to help us understand some procedures and make our job easier, all we have to do is to make the experience easier for him. The last thing the trainer can support is feeling that some other activity is more important to the trainee than the information he is delivering.

Using the phone while the training is on may result in the following:

  • Forgetting most of the info,
  • Not taking notes,
  • A waste of energy and time,
  • Not listening well,
  • Never understanding the whole thing.

There is no worse than being named “Mr. Phone”. Using the phone more than working is just like sitting in the waiting room to leave the company. No one will hire a Mr. Phone, because the same thing will be done to customers.

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