Mr. Talker

This bad habit is one of the most important actions that make people not wanted to be around. As I say and repeat over and over again; your superior is tired, has a lot of tasks, does not have time, etc. So, by talking too much, you are adding more stress to him.

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When someone is known to be talkative rather than communicative, few people wish to be around him, few people want to travel with him and fewer are ready to share secrets with him. Got it? I know you did, but please allow me to let you know how you are perceived, as a trainee, when you talk so much:

  • You think you know too much,
  • You have no room in your mind to receive information,
  • You will never listen to instructions,
  • You will never understand all of what is said to you,
  • Since customers need more listening, you are the wrong person to be sent to meet them or to receive them inside the company. Even worse, you should not answer the phone!
  • You lack the basic techniques of communication; listening,
  • You waste so much time speaking,
  • You are very likely to tell lies,
  • You will make much noise in the company and will not allow your colleagues to work in quietness.

The list, as you have observed is much longer than ever it was thought of. Someone who is so talkative can go beyond all what we have listed to uncover some company secrets to competitors. This is a crime. Being talkative has nothing to do with being communicative. Believe me, if you talk so much while you are in your training, nobody will like it, and nobody will trust you. Why?

When you are loquacious, you :

  • Share people’s news,

Nobody wants his news to be shared in public,

  • You talk about others,

Nobody wants to be badmouthed,

  • You criticize others,

Nobody wants to be criticized,

  • You waste people’s time,

Nobody wants his time to be wasted,

  • You are more likely to lie,

Nobody wants to be told lies,

  • All that you say is recorded in their minds,

Nobody wants to be given two versions of the same story,

  • You will make noise,

Who wants to work in a noisy office!

The list is really long. What I recommend you to do is to do the following:­­­

  • Answer the questions given to you without endless details,
  • Ask accurate questions only,
  • Focus on your job instead of your colleagues’ news,
  • Avoid chatting too much with people who talk too much, especially those who have problems with either the boss or other colleagues.

Remember, you are a trainee, and you still do not know to what extent and in what way you are put under a microscope. So, it is better to carefully think twice, before you utter a word.

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