Mr. Tired

People agree at one accord that someone who looks tired and sleepy all the time is not the good person to work with, because he is not the best person to:

  • Put at the front door,
  • Ask to meet customers,
  • Invite to meetings,
  • Assign serious projects.

All of us are likely to look fatigued from time to time. It is true that we do not sleep at some nights in a row due to multiple reasons. It is true that we feel tired during a lot of days from the morning until we leave the workplace. These are not reasons, though, for looking tired all the time.

Looking tired all the time maybe due to some health problems which have to be detected, before it is too late. This “mistake” might be the cause of the lack of sleep or other mistakes discussed in other chapters (See Chapter 10: Wasting Energy). It is not good at all for you, as a trainee, to be portrayed by your colleagues as “Mr. Tired”. Let me ask you this question:

How can you know if you look tired all the time?

The answer is simple:

    • Ask your friends to comment on your look,
    • Take pictures every now and then, and see your face,
    • See yourself in the mirror, once you reach work,
    • Train yourself on looking excited and energetic,
    • Install a smile on your face.

I worked with many people throughout my professional experiences, and I can say it in a loud voice that those who look tired all the time are the last people anyone would wish to work with. This is because, psychologically speaking, when you talk about something serious like work, you need to see the excitement in the eyes of those in front of you; otherwise, there is less productivity, in that:

    • You cannot work with someone who lacks the energy to stand on his feet and smile,
    • You cannot discuss some topics that necessitate enough energy with someone who lacks energy,
    • You cannot buy from a salesperson who looks tired and pale all the time,
    • You will not feel happy working with a colleague who looks fatigued and not focused.

If you think it is because of a health problem, you have to make a medical check to see if your blood tension, heart, brain, blood circulation, etc. are all OK. Also, visiting a psychologist is a must, because you might be suffering from a sort of depression.

Remember, working hard and having a very good experience and high diplomas absolutely work for you, but looking tired and pale all the time threatens your training, especially if your job makes you meet customers or talk to people over the phone.


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