Mr. Hidden

As a trainee, you need to remember that you are there to help busy colleagues and learn as much as possible. You will be on a bed of nails if you do not show that you will be a good investment for the company.

The mistake is that some trainees keep waiting for an opportunity to hide and shrink behind their screens, pretending to work or are waiting for a busy colleague to recognize them and ask them to do something, while the colleagues understand that the trainee who acts that way:

  • Is not interested in any of the jobs,
  • Is neither willing nor ready to help anybody,
  • Does not care about busy colleagues,
  • Will be unhelpful if hired,
  • Is not the best investment,
  • Is the wrong candidate.

Instead, you need to show them that you are there and you exist.

If you are given a task, you need to confirm you need to:

  • Confirm that you have finished,
  • Let them know if you cannot do it,
  • Inform them of your readiness and ability to do it,
  • Make them knowledgeable of how available you are,

Hiding yourself behind a task leads to an absence of confirmation which results is one, or all, of the following:

  • Duplication,
  • Waste of money,
  • Waste of time,
  • Waste of energy,
  • Looking careless,
  • You will be micromanaged, 
  • You will look unprofessional.

You will make everybody wonder if you really:

  • Understand what they say,
  • Listen well,
  • Like the job,
  • Are the employee they are looking for,
  • Are going to remain like this forever.

You will take everybody, including yourself, to a lower level, because not confirming where you are in a task is perturbing. Confirming on time will make you:

  • Save time, energy & money,
  • Share knowledge,
  • Learn how to ask questions,
  • Help your boss train you better,
  • Make your company avoid losses,
  • Build trust with everybody,
  • Make customers satisfied.

It is the first thing you should be told when you start working; CONFIRM AND INFORM. It is a very important task in itself. I may go beyond this and call it a cornerstone of professional behavior.