Not Revising Notes

One of the biggest mistakes ever made by students is not revising their courses. A student who does not do so will, in most cases, fail to give accurate answers.  This always happens at school. The same thing happens at work too, unfortunately.

At work there is more to learn than at school, of course. We are asked to remember complicated procedures, how things must be done and the way things must not be done. What to avoid is, most of the time, more important than what to do. What not to do is always what attracts our attention, because doing what we must avoid might make us lose the job.

Throughout my experience in several companies, I have remarked that every task that I learnt has a list of Do’s and Don’ts. The list of Don’ts is always longer and contains serious warnings, and focusing on it more is the most important instruction of the “do” list.  Some trainees focus on how to do things more than how not to do them, and this should not be the rule. Trainees should remember both, and more than one way of taking notes could be used. For example: the board can be used to remember the wrong vendors to contact to buy a product, while the notebook can be used to remember the procedure. Using several ways to take notes makes them easily revisable.

You, as a trainee, can choose whatever suits you. The best way to apply is to use the systems used by your own colleagues first. This way, you will learn faster how to remember those tasks and will more easily revise them. This is because they are training you, performing the same tasks, supervising you, taking notes specifically that might be the best for that kind of work.

If you do the same as your colleagues do, you will, absolutely, remember well, and you will make it easier for them to show you more, basing their future instructions on the notes you all take. You will REVISE the notes TOGETHER and you will evolve in the job TOGETHER. At a point of the training, when you feel that you can continue alone without much reliance on your colleagues, you can set up your own system and stick to it.

When the work day is over, not revising notes is an absolute mistake made by many trainees, due to several wrong ideas on their minds such as:

  • There is no more school, so revision is not that important,
  • Professional people do not need to revise their notes,
  • There is no time for revision,
  • There is no need for revision,
  • Only students forget,
  • It is impossible to do something correctly and forget it later,
  • I do not forget,
  • We have time to revise in the work place.

All these ideas are absolutely wrong and should be eradicated from trainees’ minds. Not only should we carefully revise everything, but we have to look for more information too. Sticking only to the information, which is forgettable by nature, we learn in the work place is not enough to take us forward. We have to look for more, if we wish to evolve at work, in life and participate in building human civilization.

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