Not Taking Notes

You absolutely know how much important is to take notes, but, please, let me list some benefits. This habit helps:

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  • Your mind catch more information,
  • You become more attentive to details,
  • Detect opportunities,
  • you build a stronger memory,
  • Become more attentive and living the “now“.

By doing that, we will absolutely avoid taking wrong notes, that is to say; wrong information, which means the wrong ways of performing tasks. If our boss is not that receptive to this kind of questions, we shall ask other colleagues to go through them with us, especially the more experienced ones. It does not take a lot of energy. All it takes is to be a real student.

Taking notes can take several forms like:

  • Calendars,
  • An Excel page,
  • Stickers,
  • A board.

I would recommend NOT relying on your phone, because when your instructor will not accept that you hold your phone, while he is explaining to you. More, audio recording might not be allowed where you are. You need to forget about it.

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