Ignoring The Law of Labor

People agree at one accord that learning law enables people to avoid making mistakes which necessitate punishments. It is a truth in which everybody believes, but what is the rate of people who learn different kinds of laws and follow their updates?

Before we start a training, and even before the graduation date, we must (sorry to use “must”) learn the law of labor by heart if we can. By doing this we will be able to:

  • Know our rights,
  • Negotiate your salary and compensations,
  • Protect yourself from discrimination,
  • Avoid what can make the employer fire you,

Whatever your country is, there must be written in the form of a book. You need to buy that book and read it. You also need to ask professionals to explain it to you and to show you what does or does not apply.

Sometimes, in some countries, some articles are not applied. Instead, other features of the local cultures weight heavier. You need to know those sides too.

Since not every culture is organized by laws, you need to avoid being seen with that book in your hands. If your employer underwent a bad experience with some employees who try to apply laws for their benefits only, he might feel that you are there for nothing but your rights.

This will make your boss less ready to trust you and it will make it harder for you to get promoted.

By learning the law of labor, please try to apply it to yourself first. When you respect the laws, your boss will respect you more, because through doing that you are already respecting yourself. Also, it is a good opportunity for you to give some pieces advice to your colleagues on how they can work without making mistakes leading to the door.

Finally, check your surroundings, family, friends, etc., and see who is deeply involved in laws (judge, lawyer, etc.). They can help you understand the articles the correct way. They can also let you know the latest updates and discuss with you some cases.

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