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You can add some external links to your resume, but you need to pay attention. Your carefulness needs to be at its top, because if you do not pay much attention to your personal branding, whoever googles you will get wrong or incomplete information about who you are.

Linked In:

Your Linked In profile must be identical to your resume. Otherwise, HR will think you are not sure of what you are doing. You need to update both of them whenever you learn a new skill or get a new certificate or diploma.


Avoiding Facebook profile is always better. If you are professional, you can put a link to your Facebook page. When you are famous enough to have a  verified Facebook account, try to make sure you have no friend on your list who is working in the company you are applying for a job in.

Always clean your account and make sure what you post does not scratch your image. Also, make sure you do not take part in “bad” groups.


When I submitted my CV to Marrakech du Rire international festival of humor, I included some links of the jokes and funny stories I recorded at home and some links to other participations in other festivals. If the job you are applying for necessitates that, you can add those links to your CV.

Your CV might need to be supported by some links if you are applying for some jobs like:

  • Stand up,
  • TV show presenter,
  • Sports coach,
  • Life coach,
  • Teacher.

The links can also be discussed during the interview, and you can let the interviewer know that they exist. You can, also, either show them the links on your mobile or send them via email to allow them to watch those links.


It is better to avoid including a link where the recruiter can see your personal life. Yet, if you are a sports coach, a photographer, etc., you might need to include your Instagram profile link in the resume.

Websites & Blogs:

As per a website, it is a good idea to add it. Personally, I have added this website to my resume. If you build or develop websites, you can list some on your resume. This way your future employer will have a better idea about you through concrete examples even before inviting you to an interview.

Too, I add a blog link when I submit my resume to a publishing house.

Articles & books:

My book Get Hired and Love Your Job is in the “Other” section of my resume. If you have a link to one, you can add it.

Moreover, if you have a blog or any link to one of your published articles or researches, you may add some of them. If you have published a lot of articles in a blog, it is better to put your main blog link, instead of listing the links to all your articles or researches.

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