Resume Headline

Attractive resume headlines (title or profile) play a big role in attracting the employer’s attention. They enormously help job seekers show their future employer what he will gain by hiring them. It is what he first sees in resumes, and if it is written the right way, chances of hiring multiple in seconds.

When you would like to add a title to your resume, you need to make sure it:

  • Is written in a readable font,
  • Includes keywords,
  • Concise and precise,
  • Shows the value you can add,
  • Highlights your core skills,
  • Is placed somewhere in the top.

The headline makes it easier for the employer to categorize your resume. Those which do not include any headline force the employer to go through them to see what position suits the candidates, especially if they obtained a diploma allowing them to do more than one job. This is a waste of time, especially if there is no job opening at all.

When you add a headline, or a title, to your resume, the employer who reads it becomes able to

  • Categorize,
  • Remember,
  • Scan over and over again,
  • And value

your resume.

This is because you are making it easier for him to know the job you are looking for, as well as your main skills, and if you mention that you are looking for a training, your future employer will read every word in the resume. He will pay a closer attention to all its sections, because you have already demonstrated what every employer is looking for in a candidate, like:

  • The eagerness to learn,
  • The ability to learn,
  • Openness,
  • Readiness to work under pressure,
  • Love for work.

A new headline for every job is essential. You cannot send the same resume with the same headline to every job you apply for. What you need to do is not pay enough attention to all your headlines and to avoid the magic action of “copy paste”, since it is likely to send your resume to the trash can.