In case you need help…

When you are sick, you go see a doctor. When you would like to learn a language, you seek a teacher. When you want to create a resume, whom do you request help from?
I ask a lot of new graduates this question, and the majority of them give me the following answers:

  • I copied and pasted, then modified another one,
  • I asked a friend to make it for me,
  • I will go to a cyber café… They will do it for me.

Frankly speaking, I do not like the last answer, because to be working in a cyber café and being able to fix PCs does not mean to be knowledgeable of what to do or to avoid when creating a resume.

That man in the cyber café is not always able to put what you wish to mention in your resume. He might not understand your field of expertise or studies. He might be good in copy past but not in translating your skills into words.

You need to make it yourself, or to consult an experienced person, who might be a friend or a relative who has already been working for long years (long experience does not necessarily mean being good at making resumes).

Asking for help has never done harm to anybody, but some new graduates refuse to let friends and family members know what they can do or that they are looking for a job. The solution to this situation is to join professional groups on Facebook, for example, and ask them to comment on your resume. You will absolutely find an expert there who is ready to help, and his corrections should be accepted and not taken personal.

You can remove your name or change it, or even remove the skills and names of schools you studied at. The most important part is to ask for help from the correct person, and to accept criticism and apply the advices the best way possible.

You need to keep contacting those people with updates on your resume and always ask them to take a look at it whenever you have made a modification or corrected something. This way you have started building friendships with people who might help you in the future.

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