As an interviewer, it is good to hire people who have some knowledge of informatics. It is good to hire people who can:

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  • Connect PCs with printers and other devices,
  • Install and uninstall software,
  • Master basic software and those needed in the job,
  • Have done some informatics projects.

It is not enough to put the following only in this section:


Word, Excel & Windows Movie Maker.

Instead, it is always better to show what you can do with that software, especially when you do not master or know any of the “professional” one. The example I shall illustrate here is the Microsoft Office.

In many resumes, I see “Microsoft Office” without a single explanation from the candidate of what they can do with it.

A resume can look better if the candidate puts it this way:


Microsoft Office:

  • Billing,
  • Stock Management.

Here, the candidate should have worked on an example and bring it either in a USB or can even bring her laptop with him… or tablet.

He can ask for the interviewer’s permission to show her the project, and this can be much better and concrete that the candidate has done something in the past and can adapt it to the needs of the company. A candidate who gives concrete examples is always seen as more experienced than someone who just promises to do something special or highlights his past experiences…

Let us see more!!


Microsoft Office:

  • Employees’ vacation management,
  • Stock Management,
  • Field Service Scheduling.


  • Presentations,
  • Explaining procedures.

If you would like to add that you can fix the basic errors occurring on PCs, that would be a plus. If you have a certificate in any software, please mention it on your resume or verbally. The more you prove that you are skillful, the more your chances to get the job are.

Remember! You always have the right to ask a question and to clarify what is on your CV. You do not need to wait for the interviewer to ask you what you all the questions for which you have prepared answers.

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