Remember that it is a resume. It is not a Da Vinci picture. It is not a painted board. It is just a resume. It is not harmful to use a color in the main sections; blue, for example. But please avoid using colors like gray, yellow or any color which has no utility.

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One color to highlights the main sections and the main skills is enough. You need to keep it professional and to take the following into consideration:

  • Simple template:

Sometimes some candidates choose very complex resume templates. The HR manager finds it so hard to extract the information they are looking for. If you like to complicate things for people, please make your resume the least complex ever.

Remember:  choosing a very misleading or complex template does not mean you have a good resume.

  • Size:

14 for the main sections and 12 for details is enough. Please avoid using more than two.

  • All the fonts on Word:

Using all the fonts in Word is not professional. It makes a document hard to focus on and some words cannot be readable. The recruiter does not have time to check every word on your resume if not written with a clear font.

  • Black background:

Resumes with a black background is not a good idea. If you send it via email, it will consume much ink in printing and it may not be readable. Better to avoid it. You just need to see an example of it to see how bad the idea is. I myself do not recommend it because it is impossible to add notes on the CV.

Sometimes I need to show a candidate some mistakes on their resumes, but because of the super-dominance of the blackness on the page, I just can neither underline nor correct it.

  • Large borders

Borders on the page have no use. Better to focus on something else.

When you submit your resume, make sure you do not take the paper document on your hand with no protection. Believe me! Once you get into the company to submit your resume, the document will not look like a document. It may get scratched or some dirt may touch it.

This will make you look careless, and that company will have an impression about you that you are not the person who will pay care and attention to purchase orders or more important documents.

Instead, you can use plastic pockets to both keep your resume clean and to show the one who receives it from you that you give much importance to documents. If you would like to use colored ones, you can do that. Please see the picture below:

Good luck!!!

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