Your Name on Your CV

A mistake in your first name or last name is deadly. When you make such a mistake, the recruiter would think you can make mistakes in customers’ name, and this is very bad especially in official documents like purchase orders or even business emails.

Capitalization is also crucial here. It is disrespectful to write an email to a customer this way:

dear mr slattery

Capitalization is very important, because some would consider its absence as belittling them.

When you write your personal name with carelessness, the recruiter will think you will address the customers carelessly and there is nothing worse than being careless at work.

People tend to treat themselves better than the way they treat others, and when you do not care about your personal name, you would not care about others’, knowing that the sweetest way to call people is using their first names. Thus the best way to address them is to write their names correctly.

Your name has to be well written. Please see the difference in what follows:

name: youssef oudra

Name: Youssef OUDRA

Seeing it with your eyes says more than any explanation can do. Do you see it now! So please never put the first letters of your first and last name in small letters. Your CV might reach the trash can even before moving to the second line.

If you do not even put your first name in your resume… (I let you imagine the reaction of the HR).