One resume for all jobs!

Now that you have become (and I assume you have always been) aware of the mistakes people make, while preparing their resumes, I hope that you do not make a last one.

We do not use the same shoes for all events. Casual shoes are not for a soccer game. Trainers are not designed for weddings. the same thing regarding sandals; you cannot meet customers wearing the most expensive ones.

Is the idea now clear?

Let me make it clearer!

It is impossible to use the same resume in all your job applications, especially when your studies and experience have made you skillful in several fields.

If you have earned a fundamental bachelor of arts in languages, you can look for a training as a

  • teacher at private schools,
  • translator,
  • hotel receptionist.

Other types of training are open for you, but you need to look for them in smartly.

Delivering the same resume among those companies will not serve you that much. Every resume has to be designed for that specific job. This is because every job position requires specific skills and its description is much different from the other one.

What you need to do is to prepare a resume for every job position!!


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