When Your Phone Number Hurts your CV…

It is always best to use a reachable phone number. Your phone has to be working. If you have a problem of battery or any other component of it, please fix it. You might get a call from the recruiter at any time.

There are several reasons to have more than one phone number, but it is always best to put one in your resume. Yes! A lot of resumes contain more than one phone number. When a recruiter receives such a resume, immediately, these ideas rise on his mind:

  • What phone number shall I start first?
  • The candidate has more than one phone, and still looking for a job!
  • Does the candidate think we have time to try all these numbers?
  • If we hire this candidate, will he come to work with two phones on hands?
  • The candidate is easily distractable.

An employee, or a trainee, who has more than one phone number, or two cell phones, is likely to receive at least twice the calls other people with one phone do. He is more exposed to distraction  than anybody else, and this can cause several issues:

  • The candidate will spend more time on social media and apps than average,
  • Two ringing phones create more noise than one phone,
  • Checking two phones wastes more time than one,
  • All-time distraction.

On your resume, you might need to include a landline. This is OK. You just need to avoid putting many phone numbers.

Let me share a  real story about the importance of having a working cell phone and a number.

I worked in a company, and among the candidates who took interviews on that day was a young man. We found most of the qualities we had been looking for in a candidate. The issue was the phone number.

Maybe he did not have a cell phone, and that is why he put his sister’s (maybe he was living with her).

We called his sister, and she did not recognize us. Maybe he did not tell her about the interview, or maybe she forgot. So, we had to apologize and start looking for another candidate.

Months later, he came to the office, but it was too late…


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