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Now that your resume looks professional, the next step is to submit it. How? Good question.
There are several ways to submit your resume to either a job agency or directly to the employer.

1 – Submitting your resume directly:

It is the best way to look for a job. Sending resumes only when there is a job vacancy on a website is not always the best choice all over the world. This is because not all the vacancies appear online. Sometimes knocking the doors pays.

In the Technopolis of Rabat, Morocco, there is a recruitment office, in which you can submit your resume. This is because only employees have access to the place. The office there is in the position of job agencies. To submit your resume directly is always a preferred choice.

On the other hand, you can print tens of resumes and deliver them yourself. if you can teach something and visit a district where there are several schools and institutes, it is a good idea.

I remember when I was looking for a job, I used to print tens of resumes looking for a job as:

  • Teacher of French, Arabic and English,
  • Multilingual receptionist,
  • Salesman.

It did serve me to meet a lot of people and increase the number of professionals I know. It also helped me to take some interviews and be more at ease with the stress of being in an interview.

I kept in a notebook all the information about my visits:

  • Companies visited,
  • Responses of the people I met,
  • The pieces of advice I received from HR,
  • The suggestions to improve my resume.

I would like to encourage you, here, to try visiting companies yourself. It is better than staying at home and sending resumes via email only.

2- Sending your resume via email:

If you wish to look for a job this way, you need to:

  • Know that this method DOES work,
  • Create a file on your PC with your updated resume and a cover letter,
  • Create a file for every job you wish to try,
  • Add the information of the companies,
  • Keep track so that you do not contact the same company twice or miss one.

3 – Faxing your resume:

This can be done through some job agencies, but remember that your resume might not be received in a good printing quality.

The most important thing is to be the one who applies not asking anyone else to do the job for you.

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