Word or PDF?

We can imagine anything, except for a handwritten resume. This very important document has to be as formal as possible. I am not saying that handwriting scratches the image of official documents or makes them look informal.

In some countries, people still need to write handwritten applications. Maybe because the recipient needs to know how good the applicant’s handwriting is, since there is an agreement that it reveals a lot about one’s personality through handwriting.

Your resume should be made on a Word page, preferably. Why? Good question!

Microsoft Word helps you instantly correct your spelling mistakes, which are the worst things to make in resumes. It enables you to choose a nice format to show how elegantly the official documents given to you will be treated.

Using some files which you are the only person who knows how to install the driver for does not help. Instead, the file might not be openable and your candidature will reach the trash as soon as the HR receives it.

When you are done with your resume, please print it and see how the HR will feel it between her hands.

You can also make your resume some websites which allow users to create CVs online. You will need to print it into pdf before sending it to the HR, in that sending a modifiable resume is not a good idea.

What you should avoid, too, is to send your resume in the form of a picture. This is because not every PC have software to open some types of files.

Last, When you print it, please make sure the logo of the website does not appear on your resume. It might weaken the quality of your resume.

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