How to make money during Covid-19 crisis?

During crisis like what is caused by Corona… the dictator which is forcing everybody to sit at home or work quarantine. On the other hand, it is bringing unemployment to others’ lives.

Yet, there are plenty of people who get rich during the crisis. Why? It is just because they know what sectors are boosting when the ‘main’ sectors fail to keep operating.

There are several fields which are boosting during the recession caused by Corona effects and there are briefly:

Health Care:                       

Governments as well as families focus on health and invest in it more than ever before. If you are looking for a job, developing skills or thinking of investment, it is a good place to try.


Everywhere should be cleaner than ever before, and this includes homes as well as work places and schools or even hospitals. Creating a cleaning firm or selling cleaning products will generate much more money.

Home Entertainment:

People are bored. If you are a game developer just try to develop your activity, because the number of consumers is just “everybody”.

Online Education:

Children are now more familiar with online education. They are growing up and will keep trying it. Even all universities will take the same direction and have online courses.

Home delivery:

People are less likely to keep going out for everything. They want everything to be delivered to them. The activity of home delivery will boost and if you wish to create a business, this type deserves a try.

Connected Devices:

More people need a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. Even old people will have to use them. Thus, investing in reselling these products will generate enough revenue. Plus, learning how to fix them will guarantee you a boosting activity. It is a good sector to think of investing in

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Youssef Oudra

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