The vast majority of researches conducted in the business world are conducted to serve company owners & managers. The result of this is having a very large number of trainees and employees suffering and unable to find some source to show them how to work productively and happily.

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Newly graduated always need assistance in these main topics:

  1. Preparing a good CV,
  2. Getting prepared for the interview,
  3. Succeeding at the training,
  4. Loving the job.

These are the core elements of TipsOfWork.com

Being a life coach and in charge of training the trainees for a decade, I am sharing my experience with you, dear reader, on this website composed of clear categories.

Please leave me a comment and do not hesitate to correct any idea which seems unclear or incorrect.

I made the website to help new graduates, as well as experienced employees, to perform their mission in the right way; “contributing to building human civilization.” And this is all done to prepare them to create their own businesses after understanding everything related to the first stage of their work journey.

Youssef OUDRA

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